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sora lui bula

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profesoara:-alinuta ce vrei sa te faci cand vei fi mare?-doctorita doamna!-bravo,gigel tu ce vrei sa fi cand vei fi mare?-inginer doamna! -dar tu bula ce vrei sa fi cand vrei sa fi mare?-vreau sa-mi creasca par pe tot corpul doamna!-cum mai bula,uite alinuta vrea sa fie doctorita gigel inginer, tu vrei sa ai par pe tot corpul de ce?-pai doamna sorumea are doar un smoc si face o carca de bani,imaginativa cati as face eu!

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[…]Bosnian rock band AXA (from Sarajevo) was on top charts in the late �90�s and early 00�s. After moving to the US, AXA was renamed to INGRAY. The band released several records and got a lot of national attention after winning Hard Rock�s �Ambassado…

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